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The Circular Saw: What It Is, Prices, and Where to Buy One

The circular saw is perhaps the most versatile and useful carpentry tool, thanks to the large variety of materials and types of cuts that you can make with it. Anyone who’s had anything to do with carpentry, DIY projects, or mechanical design will recognise this saw, thanks to its unmistakable circular disc with teeth, which makes the cuts.

Which Is the Best Circular Saw? We’ll Analyse the Best Models

DEWALT 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw (DWE575SB)


This is a tool to get the job done. It can have some problems with precision cuts, above all at angles. However, it’s an excellent hand saw to cut ordinary wood and do simple DIY jobs at home, thanks to its potency. It’s a reliable and cheap option.

Characteristics of this Dewalt circula saw:

  • Power: 15AMP
  • Depth of cut: 90° 65mm, 45° 45mm
  • Blake with 24 teeth.
  • Disc size: 190 x 20 x 2,5mm
  • SoftStart technology for a smooth start-up
  • Electrically powered: comes with cord
  • Weight: 8.8 pounds
  • Speed (in a vacuum): 4800 rpm


Even though it’s not the saw of choice for the most demanding clients, it has 4 stars on Amazon from most users who are fans of DIY work.

Bosch CCS180B 6-1/2-Inch Lithium-Ion Circular Saw


This saw is the most notable in its category. With power and characteristics that far outmath other saws of the same style, it enjoys one of the best price/quality relationships in the world. It’s excellent for cutting hard or soft wood, and with the right disc you can make precision cuts, although the one it comes with is for making quick, crude cuts. A real beast, it fulfils all the expectations that a circular hand saw might offer a DIY afficionado.

Characteristics of this Bosch saw:

  • Power: 3900 RPM
  • Depth of cut: 70mm
  • Inclination: up to 56°
  • Vacuum to clean shavings.
  • Protective pendulum hood.
  • Weight: 6.6 lbs
  • Lithium-Ion battery


It has 4.6 stars on Amazon, which should be 5, but it’s lost some for not coming with a work case. It’s known as “the beast” by ost of its users. What’s left to say?

Makita 5007Mg Magnesium 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw


Without doubt, this is one of Makita´s best options with a lot of power and grip. This makes it a reliable tool for heavy jobs. Despite its ow cost, it has extra features tomake work easier, but its exterior materials don’t appear to be the most durable. However, it’s a tool that’ll meet you expectations, and probably a little more.

Characteristics of this MakitaExpert saw:

  • Power: 15AMP
  • 24 teeth in the blade
  • Key for changing the blade.
  • Dust extraction.
  • With Magnesium Components
  • Speed (in a vacuum): 5800 rpm
  • Depth of the cut: 90° 66mm, 45° 48mm
  • Adjustable without tools
  • Separating wedge and cutting guide
  • Weight: 10.6 pounds
  • Electrically powered; comes with a cord


It has an excellent rating of 4.8 stars on Amazon. Its excellent price and quality have managed to give it sales equal to the famous Bosch. 

DEWALT 20V MAX 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw DCS570B


This is a very fine tool for delicate cuts and jobs. It is a high quality saw, it has the most ample comfort and the greatest versatility of work among the circular saws. Even if it’s small, it has a lot of power and speed, which allow it to do medium-depth cuts in almost any material, with an exelent end result. It fulfils every expectation for its price. Moreover, this version specifically comes wih varios accesories, which make it even more suitable in terms of quality/price.

Characteristics of this Dewalt circular saw:

  • Power: 20V Battery
  • Discs: 1 diamond – 1 20-tooth TCT for wood – 1 80-tooth HSS for wood and plastic.
  • Depth of the cut adjustable up to 25mm
  • Speed: 5200rpm
  • Adaptor for a dust extractor.
  • Parallel cut guide.
  • Weight: 7.9 pounds
  • Electronic brake


Although its description and general analysis make it out to be a great tool, it might not be so in practice. Users on Amazon only recommend it for soft materials, and they gave it 3.5 stars.

Makita XSS02Z 18V Lithium-Ion 6-1/2″ Circular Saw


Ideal for the lovers of DIY work. If you have a workshop in your garaje, this is the ideal circular saw for you. Adjustable without the need for too many extra tools and supports a lot f weight, this circular saw meets all the expectations for medium-weight jobs, like the cutting of a door. Being a tool for hobbyists and not professionals, the vibration generated might mess up the cut a little, if you force the machine. However, it looks to be a good option for at-home work.

Characteristics of this Makita circular saw:

  • Speed: 3700W
  • Power: 18V ion
  • Depth of the cut: 85mm
  • Weight: 7.6 pounds
  • Ion battery powered; comes with a battery.
  • Metal-toothed blade.


With an average rating of 3.6 stars, this work table is acclaimed by those who want to have a DIY workshop at home, but it’s insufficient for heavy or professional jobs.

Bosch CS10 7-1/4-Inch 15 Amp Circular Saw


Another excellent option, at the same level as the previous model, only more focused on easy handling than its power (though the difference in power between the two is very small). It’s a tool that allows for a lot of manoeuvrability and clean work, with exact, precise cuts, and it’s ideal for semi-professional jobs and demanding DIY projects.

Characteristics of this Bosch circular saw:

  • Power: 15AMP
  • Depth of the cut: 90° 55mm, 45° 38mm
  • CleanSystem Box vacuum system for clean work.
  • CutControl system of manual controlled cutting
  • Reduced weight: 10.2 lbs
  • SoftGrip ergonomic handle for better handling
  • Speedline Wood blade, the fastest disc on the market.
  • Speed: 5600rpm


With a rating of 4.6 stars, it’s one of the best-rated on Amazon, praised as ideal to start professional jobs, and with the best price/quality ratio. 

SKILSAW Southpaw SPT67M8-01 7-1/4 In Circular Saw


One of Skilsaw most basic tools, it’s excellent for anyone who wants this sort of saw without too much paraphanalia or extra add-ons. It’s robust and powerful, with adequate precision, if not optimal. Its light weight and ergonomic handle make it easy to use, despite its intense power.

Characteristics of this Skilsaw saw:

  • Power: 120v
  • Speed: 5300 RPM
  • Angular back guide.
  • Simple lever to adjust the depth of the cut.
  • Aluminium base plate.
  • Magnesium Components
  • Weight: 4kg
  • Adjusts its angle up to 45°


Recommended in general for meeting all the expectations and being a powerful tool at a decent price. 4.6 stars for this Makita saw that never deceives.

What You Have to Take Into Account Before Buying

When you’re buying a circular saw, everyone wants to get the best product. However, this can vary, depending on what you need it to do. For example, someone who wants to do easy, light work occasionally at home can get enough with a cheap, basic saw. But someone who needs to work long hours, with heavy materials, will definitely need a higher-quality (and probably more expensive) option. Among the things that you should take into account when buying a circular saw, there are:

The type of work you need to do

Like we’ve already said, if the job to do is light and short, a cheap or simple handsaw could be sufficient. However, for heavy jobs, a circular table saw or a mitre might be more convenient.


There are cheap and very basic saws, and ones with more capacity for work, also at an accessible price. These models tend to have a flimsy external structure, but they can do heavy work efficiently. On the other hand, if we have a good sum of money available, we can find very professional circular saws that come with a work table, security block, and other components, including, if the work to do is at home, a wireless handsaw, which can justify the prie with its comfort.


Depending on the type of material, its thickness, and the intensity of the job to do, the power that we should use in each cut varies. If you’re going to cut hard, thick materials constantly, the most powerful and resistant options, like the Makita tools, can be your selection. However, if you’re looking to make very small and very precise cuts in thin or soft materials, handsaws or saws with a cutting guide, with moderate power or the capacity to regulate speed, such as what’s offered by the luxury tools of Bosch, could be the most adequate for your needs.

Variety of materials to cut

Different types of wood, and other materials, like plastic and metal, obviously have different thicknesses and densities, for which a circular saw with only one speed isn’t recommended if you’re going to work with various substances. If, however, it’s only necessary to cut one type of wood, buying a one-speed saw can be the best option, because these are often the cheapest.

Type of guide

Today you can find circular saws that don’t only include the regular mechanical guide, but also a laser guide. The truth is that we recommend the laser guide  for steady-handed people, because with this light as a guide, the cleanness of the cut depends entirely on the person managing the machine. Meanwhile, with a mechanical guide, it’s much easier to make an exact cut without needing to have such a steady hand.

Types of Circular Saws

There are two basic types of circular saws, which can be adapted to the different needs within each workplace:

Table saw

Ideal for big pieces of wood that require a precise cut. Like the name suggests, a table saw comes attached to a workbench that functions as a surface to secure the cutting disc, which is fixed to the bench. In this way, the same bench functions as a surface and facilitates the use of the cutting guide for better precision. The disc is fixed, located on the bottom part of the table, and extrudes above the surface, and the piece that you’re cutting that moves towards the disc. The height and angle of the disc can generally be adjusted, depending on what’s needed for the cut. It’s possible to find cicular table saws that permit the simultaneous use of multiple discs.


As the name indicates, and unlike the previous models, these saws are held by hand, and their method of cutting is by moving the machine towards the thing to be cut. For this, many models come with a guide which, while supporting the material, ensures precision in the cut. They’re usually less powerful, but the wattage of the electric motor in these saws can vary between 400W and 1400W. They’re a little more unstable than a table saw, because their stability depends on the steady-handedness of the operator, for which they often come with security systems like a lock button. The angle of the cut is easy to regulate.

Popular Brands of Circular Saws


This brand has the highest quality in portable handsaws and table saws, both electric and basic. It’s always at the forefront of new technology, with sophisticated, high-quality products. With very powerful products, and its long trajectory and constant evolution, Bosch offers an excellent price/quality relation,given the multitude of features that it offers. The prices are between 600 $ for the most powerful table saws, down to 200 $ for smaller options that are ideal at home.


These saws are always resistent, and ready for the most rustic and drawn-out jobs. The winner in terms of robustness and the quality of materials used, Makita circular saws offer the possibility of cutting wood up to 130mm thick in their largest, most powerful versions. Additionally, Makita also has battery-powered handsaws that maintain the force and vigor that characterises the brand. While they can be costly, Makita tools deserve their price, thanks to the high-quality materials that comprise them. While Makita doesn’t offer table saw models on Amazon, their most expensive handsaw comes at 296 $ and offers a power of 2200W, for extreme cuts. (They also offer mitre saws with a support and a guide for 616 $.) On the other hand, the cheapest Makita saws are the battery-powered mini-saws, costing around 160 $, and the circular handsaws,, which cost around 250 $.


Among the most economical, this brand is one of the most faithful, offering circular saw models with various accessories and characteristics to match any need, but with technology very inferior to that of Bosch. The most expensive Dewalt option on Amazon costs only 152 $, whereas the most economical options, the handsaws and the mini-saws, can come as low as 50 $.

Additional information

This type of circular cutting machine was originally invented only to cut wood, though the original inventor (but not the patent) used it to cut organ pipes.

The main characteristic of circular saws is that they make very precise cuts in wood, thanks to the high speed at which the disc moves. In this aspect, the cuts from a circular saw are cleaner, unequaled except by an incision saw. However, this sort of saw only allows you to make cuts in a straight line, which can vary depending on the angle of inclination, determined by the machine that’s being used.

The most common use of a circular saw is to give dimension and form to wooden tablets for different uses; however, with the right blade, you can cut also materials like plastic, aluminium, and even metal. It’s important to realise that all of the disc saws need to work in a space with at least 4mm between the wood and the cutting environment, so that you can make a clean cut without damaging the piece that you’re cutting.

These circular saws can make a cut from below, which is to say that the piece being cut is cut from below, supported on a surface (or table) with the blade beneath it, moving toward the blade, or they can make a cut from above, where the blade cuts from above, and moves towards the stationary object, supported by your arm. Further down we’ll talk in more detail about those types of saw.

As you can imagine, these sawing machines are powered by an electric or combustible fuel-powered motor, and include battery-powered models, with power ranging from 400W to 1500W. There are also models with dust extraction attachments, which are very useful when cutting large pieces of wood or very soft wood that leaves a lot of sawdust.

To make a precise cut, it’s necessary to measure the machine’s cutting depth against the thickness of the piece to be cut, and, for extensive cuts, or ones that require millimetre precision, some of the saws come with a cutting guide that allows you to easily maintain the direction of the cut. (A straight piece of plastic or wood can also achieve this function, if held along the side of the cutting line,)


When buying a circular saw, there are many factors to take into account, since the functions and characteristics of each vary greatly. Because of this, we recommend making a frank and sincere analysis of the necessities of the work that you’re going to do with it, in order to buy the best option, finding the cheapest that is still sufficiently durable and can be adjusted to the requirements of the task it needs to perform.