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The telescopic miter saw is used to make precise cuts on various materials.

Its cutting system is operated by a rotating steel blade which is available in different sizes and shapes. This blade diversity is determined by the type of material the machine will be cutting.

It is important to recognize the distinction between the blades, which can be determined by the blades teeth.

Comparative Telescopic Miter Saws on Amazon

#1 SKIL 3821-01 12-Inch Quick Mount miter saw

What makes telescopic miter saws unique

Undeniably, the telescopic miter saw is very similar to the classic miter saw. However, what makes it unique is that is has a greater cutting range than the classic miter saw. This means that the piece of material to be cut can be larger and it can also make a deeper cut.

Likewise, this miter saw requires the adjustment of the skate and the support for the subjection. The adjustment of both elements is necessary to obtain the required cutting angle.

You should know that the cutting angles are determined by the support from subjection and do not respond to an established measure. These angles vary according to the needs of the material to be cut.

Despite the freedom of cutting angles, the cuts can also be firmly determined depending on the miter model used.

#2 CRAFTSMAN CMCS714M1 V20 Miter Saw

From hand to table

Telescopic Miter saws are a very similar to classic miter saws. But, what you probably did not know is that the benefits of the telescopic miter saw also adapt to the table (al mueble de mesa).

In this case, the telescopic table miter saw allows greater cutting capacity. Said capacity is determined to make use of the upper and lower cutting part of the miter saw.

In addition, the cutting range is increased since it has a solid surface integrated into the machine. On the other hand, with a telescopic table miter saw, one must pay attention to the height at which the tool is fixed. This height is linked to the type of cut to be made, as well as the material to be cut. 

3# DEWALT DCS361M1 20V Miter Saw

Advantages of the telescopic miter saw

Telescopic miter saws are tools that are full of endless advantages, some of them are:

  • Various cutting angles depending on the miter saw model.
  • They have a security system that prevents accidental activation.
  • Larger cutting range.
  • Dust collection system.
  • Laser beam that outlines the area to be cut.
  • They have a spindle lock, which helps change the cutting blades without problems.
  • It has quick adjustment clamp. This guarentees that the piece of material to be cut will be fixed in place, even in various positions.

There are several advantages that the telescopic miter saw brings to the cutting of materials. However, beyond the diversity of this saw’s functions and adaptability, these machines stand out for precision of the cuts they provide.

Without a doubt more than a tool, this machine ia an efficient and accurate ally for those for cut materials as a job.