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Jigsaws are great for doing freehand sawing, or cuts with a guide, but (truthfully) they can be a little imprecise if used by non-experts, without a good, solid support. Because of this, jigsaw tables are the perfect accompaniment to a jigsaw – especially when you want to make a precise, clean, effortless cut. Jigsaw tables, work benches, or stations consist of a flat surface for the material and a channel or guide that the saw fits into, to hold it straight and finish with a perfect end result.

The Best Jigsaw Tables

It’s common for people to just use whatever table or bench they have at home – even an improvised wooden structure – and adapt it to hold their jigsaw. However, there are various commercially-sold jigsaw tables. We’ll cover the cheapest and the best options – so that you’ve got a good reference for when you hit the store.

The Wolfcraft Table

The Wolfcraft table is the cheapest option on the market, because it’s a bit of an “off” brand. However, it’s got good ratings on Amazon, with only a few negative comments (mostly complaining that the saws don’t fit well). Negative reviews notwithstanding, the Wolfcraft jigsaw table has characteristics that make it perfect for DIY-at-home jobs, because it comes with all the structure completely assembled, and a cutting guide, which can make the job easier for jigsaw hobbyists. The price tag runs at $95 USD.

The Bosch Sawing Station

Like every product from this well-liked brand, the Bosch Sawing Station is a high-calibre setup that works as well for a Miter saw as for a jigsaw. It’s designed for professional use, and can transform into a workbench if there’s not sufficient space for the material you’re cutting. Furthermore, installation is easy and practical. While there ARE negative reviews, they mostly have to do with problems buying the product, not using it. And the problems are resolved well by the warranty. It’s definitely a good product, which you can buy for $165 USD.