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RECIPROCATING SAW: What they are, prices and where to buy

What Exactly Is a “Reciprocating Saw”, and What’s It For?

Reciprocating saws are ideal for construction and carpentry-related tasks. These powerful machines were introduced to the market as a mid-way between traditional handsaws and the fabulous moto-saws. It’s useful when, maybe to put the finishing touches on some project – you need to make an intermediate cut through a tube or any other material. In moments like these, when the work requires a little more than the power of a traditional handsaw, the reciprocating saw is ideal.

The Best Reciprocating saws of the Market

Nowadays, we can find an infinitude of reciprocating models, serving every budget and need. Each model possesses some unique characteristic that makes it special. Let’s take a look at some of the models available on Amazon:


Black+Decker is a brand known worldwide for the advanced technology in its multiple products. This reciprocating saw is air-conditioned with an excellent 1050 motor. It’s an ideal tool to cut wood, metal, or steel. Furthermore, changing the saw blades is easy, and doesn’t require any special tools. It weighs only 3.5 kilograms, which makes it easy to transport anywhere. Its sleeve is ergonomic. And it can cut wood up to 150mm, a metal pipe up to 60mm thick, and steel up to 5mm. It even has a velocity regulator with an interrupter.

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Reciprocating Saw (DCS367B)

The multi-functional Dewalt reciprocating saw has a nominal potency of 650W. The weight of the machine is 3kg. And the velocity control is electric, which guarantees an immediate fit to the material you’re working with. Dewal is a high quality brand well known for its functional tools, and the brand name should reassure you – this is a fabulous product. This excellent saw can be used to make a great variety of cuts in wood, metal, plastic, aluminium, or any other material. It’s even got an excellent adjustable base, allowing you to manage the depth of each cut.

Bosch RS325 Reciprocating Saw

This handsaw has the backing of the German company Bosch, a pioneer in high-calibre electric tools. One characteristic of this saw is that it can be used for a variety of things. Furthermore, it has an electric control to adjust the depth of each cut, and improve he effectiveness. The materials that it cuts include metal, wood, plastic, and aluminium – and many more.

Makita JR3050T Reciprocating Saw

This Makita saw is one of the more powerfull and it’s designed to cope with the toughest jobs. It has a case that makes it ideal for plumbers, electricians, air conditioner installers, restorers and construction workers.

Bosch RS428 Reciprocating Saw

The electric potential of this new Bosch reciprocating saw is amazing, and it only weighs 3 kilograms. The thickness of a wood cut with this saw is 150 mm, and on steel, 10 mm. This powerful machine starts with a smooth, gentle cut, and climbs to its maximum potency. The end product of this tool is of very high quality, and very durable, which guarantees its long life.

SKILSAW SPT44A-00 13 Amp Reciprocating Saw

This reciprocating saw is manufactured by brand Skilsaw, which specialises in the diversity of its lines of tools. This saw has an absorbed power of 1010W and a large interrupter that’s easy to see. You can change the blade and the guard manually, without any tools. Furthermore, the machine has very good dust protection. It also comes with a 3-piece blade kit as one of the accessories. Furthermore, it has a front air vent and an airtight seal to keep out dust.

WORX WX508L.9 20V Reciprocating Saw

This WORX reciprocating saw is excellent for a diverse range of cuts. It has a battery with a voltage of 18v, and the speed of the machine (without a full charge) is 0-3100 RPM. Its cutting capacity in wood is 180 mm. The length of the track is 22 mm, and the machine weighs a mere 1.9 kilograms. It’s an excellent saw for any task that requires a diversity of cuts in materials such as wood and/or metal.

WORX WX550L.9 20V AXIS 2-in-1 Reciprocating Saw

This powerful cordless saw is part of the Power-WX-Change line. Its power comes from rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and a system that ensures battery durability and long life, which includes rubber supports to protect it. The battery and its charger aren’t included in the package that you buy, and you’ll have to acquire them separately. The batteries are compatible with any of the tools from the Power-WX-Change line of tools. The saw’s grip is ergonomic, which makes it easy to use.

Milwaukee 2720-20 M18 Reciprocating Saw

This is an electric hand saw, extremely versatile with a very potent 800W motor. Moreover, it comes with a lock button and an interrupter with a variable velocity. You can change the blade quickly and without a key. The handle is rubber, and you can adjust it to any of 5 different positions designed to reduce vibration. Its cutting capacity in wood is 115 mm and the speed of the machine (without charge) goes from 0-2600 RPM. The set comes with an extra blade designed to make any manner of cut in wood.

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw PCC670B

The Porter-Cable reciprocating weighs only 2.2 pounds, which makes it easy to move. It also has a cutting capacity of up to 3.2 inches with the handle. Its power comes from a potent lithium-ion 10.8-volt battery. It’s a cordless model, which makes it easy to move the saw and make cuts in materials that are otherwise difficult to access. This powerful machine is designed to cut trees, as well as diverse other outside materials. The cutting capacity reflects this engineering, and this saw can cut up to 8 cm. It also has a removable clamping bracket. Lastly, it’s protected from over-heating.

KIMO 20V Reciprocating Saw

This Kimo reciprocating saw is light and easy to use. In its cuts, it provides maximum elasticity. It also weighs only 1.3 kg, which makes it easy to manage. There’s an LED pilot light with a neon function. To increase manual flexibility, it comes with two different connectors. It’s a very durable saw backed by the reputation of a well-known brand.

Reciprocating Saws Are Ideal To Make Any Cut Effectively

A reciprocating saw is an electrical tool that has the same function as a normal handsaw. It’s used frequently to make cuts in wood, metal, plastic, brick, and ceramics. It has the same capabilities as a normal handsaw because it can make any type of cut. Some of these cuts are very deep and others are very superficial. The reciprocating saw’s function is to help us saw while exerting a little less energy. In the end, the cut will depend on two aspects that you must consider. For this reason, when you’re choosing a reciprocating saw, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Weight: You’re better off with a light saw. Lighter saws are easier to manage, so with a light saw, it’s easier to finish your job comfortably.
  • Power: A saw’s power is defined by its wattage. The higher the wattage, the more force it will have in its motor.
  • Ergonomic Techniques: most of these saws are designed to follow the norms of how individuals interact with their tools. This is the main reason why some of these saws have handles that naturally fit into your hand, and why they are isolated from vibrations – so that you can work more comfortably.
  • Different Uses: Whatever you need it for, the machine can adapt to whatever work you require.
  • The Blade: You ought to choose a blade for whichever task you’ve got lined up for your saw. There are a multitude of blades adequate for each function, but be sure to use one of the right ones to get the cut done correctly.
  • Speed: Make sure that the speed of the machine will suit the material that you want to saw.
  • Sawing Action: It’s important, when you’re picking a saw, to know whether the saw makes an orbital motion, or whether it operates on a turning base. We should clarify that a large orbital action implies a faster cut. If there’s less orbital action, the cur will be more precise.

How to Pick the Right Reciprocating Saw

The base of the sable saw is the blade. For this reason, it’s important to pick an adequate blade for whatever cut you’re trying to make – this way you can cut with more precision. There are two types of saw teeth available:

  • Regular Teeth: These teeth allow you to make cuts more smoothly. The main characteristic of these blades is that, everywhere, they have the same number of teeth per inch.
  • Variable Teeth: In these blades, you have a different number of teeth in every inch. With these, more aggressive cuts are possible, and through various thicknesses, depending on the material that you’re cutting.

Among all the options of blades, we should also mention two aspects that are important to consider:

  • Universal Blades: These blades make all kinds of cuts in all materials.
  • Specific Blades: These are special blades you should buy, depending on the material you’re going to cut. The length of the blade shouldn’t be more than what’s necessary to make the cut.

Some Important Conclusions

The reciprocating saw is an important tool when you need to make an appropriate cut at a determined moment. To select a quality saw, we should get the backing of a good brand. We have a list of excellent saw brands in the current market, brands that have gained high prestige for the quality of the products that they offer. You ought to familiarise yourself with the general characteristics of the most renowned brands for tools, and only then can you be sure that the product you buy is truly of high quality.

The sales department in any store has a brands staff knowledgeable about the warranties offered by each brand. This is important because we want to know that the brands behind quality products will respond promptly to any complaints. The variety of products available on the current market is wide. However, we can keep ourselves up to date with the many informative sales catalogues that each company offers.

It’s important to determine, before you select a saw model, what you’re going to use it for. We’ll decide whether its use will be DIY jobs, or professional – and this will help you select the saw that’s the most appropriate. Each one of these saws is designed to tackle different situations, defined by the material that you’re working with and the thickness you want to achieve. For this reason, it’s essential, before you select a saw model, that you clearly know your objective.

Advice Before Buying an Electric Handsaw or Reciprocating Saw

A little advice on acquiring your reciprocating saw will help you to select the best tool to do the most efficient job. However, we should always remember that the optimal use of the saw will prolong its life. Here are some tips for saw management:

  • Because reciprocating saws, when they’re operating, are noisy, it’s a good idea, while working, to wear something that covers the ears. Ear coverings will help us to avoid the continuous noise, which can prevent future health problems.
  • One way to avoid getting nicked or cut by the blade is to only change the blade when you’re wearing protective gloves. It’s important to protect your hands for your safety.
  • When you make cuts with your reciprocating saw, the material that you’re cutting will come apart as dust. Because of this, we should protect our eyes with protective glasses. This is a great way to avoid getting dust in contact with our eyes, which might cause us grave harm.