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The miter saw stand is without a doubt a magnficent work tool. This tool is ideal for tasks that involve cutting metal, wood or polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

This type of miter saw stand combo is used by people that need to make precise and straight cuts. It is a very useful cutting tool. However, what gives it popularity and high demand is that it’s easy to manuever.



How to use a miter saw

Although using a miter saw is classified as simple, it always requires some instruction for its use: 

The first thing you need to keep in mind is the type of material that you are going to cut. Depending on the material, the installation of the cutting blades will be determined. Verify that the teeth of the saw are in the specificied direction on the protective cap.

The second step requires the placement of the table according to the type of product to be cut. At this point, the placement depends on whether the cut to performed will be horizontal or vertical because these machines have a subjection (clamping) system.

The third step involves adjusting the angle of the miter saw, in addition to verifying that the blade protectors are in place.

The fourth step consists of measuring what you are going to cut. Help yourself by one meter and outlines the surface or use the laser light which indicates the place to cut.

DEWALT DWS779 Miter Saw with Stand

miter saw stand DEWALT DWS779

Precautions when using the miter saw with stand

All machinery intended for the quick and accurate cutting of materials must be handled with care. Using a miter saw stand combo is no exception to this rule which is why today we will tell you some precautions to take when handling it:

Protective eyewear

Whenever you are ready to work with the miter, you must wear protective eyewear.

Nothing to catch

If you are going to work with this tool, avoid wearing bracelets, watches and chains. These accessories can get tangled and cause an accident.


When handling the tool, adjust any pieces of the table miter saw only when the machine is unplugged.

Appropriate piece

When you have to make repairs or change the cutting blade, look for the parts that correspond to the tool. This will prevent accidents.


Before starting to make cuts, make sure that the pieces are placed firmly in position.

Appropriate height

This cutting tool must be at a certain height, depending on the work to be done. Make sure you are at the indicated height before using the machine.

Blade protector

It is vital to verify that the blade protectors are firmly installed before working with the table miter saw.

Bosch PGCM12SD Miter Saw with Stand T4B

Choosing a Table miter saw stand combo

This cutting machine is appreciated for the efficiency and safety of the materials as well as the one using it. This is because it can be used carefully by anyone, which makes it attractive.

Undoubtedly, the table miter saw is a useful and effective tool for people whose job is to peform cutting tasks. Both of the miter saws with stand selected above are perfect for a well done job