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Jigsaw: Comparision of the Best Models of 2020

What is a jigsaw and what is it used for?

A jigsaw is a cutting tool that works with a serrated blade. This blade, unlike most saws, moves vertically from top to bottom and at a high speed (there are also models that include a light pendulum movement, that is, back and forth while going up and down, which makes the cut easier and smoother). With its particular function and the appropriate blades, cuts can be drawn by freehand or free form which allows you to create circular cuts unique to the taste of the executioner. Due to the vertical mechanism, the cuts are usually perpendicular but some models have different cutting angles.

The Best Jigsaw

The time has come to choose the best jigsaw and to do so, we will analyze what we consider the best models. This list does not benefit us since we do not own any of the brands, we simply want to make sure that you know everything before making a purchase as important as this. Are you ready?  

Bosch Jig Saws – JS470E



This is a luxury tool for lovers of the most demanding DIY projects. This jigsaw has a compendium of features that make it a comfortable and easy to use tool in addition to performing exceptionally on any matierial you want to cut. This jigsaw model boasts wide cutting depth in wood from 90mm, 15mm in aluminum and 8mm in steel, in addition to a “CutControl” system unique to Bosch that allows you to easily follow any cutting line. All this in additiont to high power makes it a great tool for enthusiasts that go a little beyond simple DIY and home projects.

Features of this Bosch jigsaw:

  • 120-Volt 7.0-Amp
  • SMP ranges from 500 up to 3,100
  • Weight: 10.1 lbs.
  • 4-level perpindicular movement.
  • Blow and dust collection system.
  • Low Vibration System eliminating the vibration.
  • Footplate for precise cuts.


With 4.5 stars on Amazon, it is one of the most recommended tools and the best of its kind according to user reviews.

Makita Jig SawXVJ03Z



Another great option when it comes to semiprofessional work is the Makita jigsaw. Lightweight and a good power, this rocking tool has everything necessary for clean and heavy work, since it is comfortable and easy to handle. With great resistence for long hours of work, it is a tool that resists abuse. Although it does not have extra sophisticated functions, it has the necessary features for a truly enjoyable and lasting job.

Features of this Makita jigsaw:

  • Versatile Power
  • Weight: 6.4 lbs.
  • 3 orbital settings
  •  Less vibration and lower noise
  • The insertion of the saw blades is universal.
  • Aluminum base.
  • Variable speed motor delivers 0-2600 SPM


Another favorite of Amazon users with 4.5 stars, the Makita jigsaw has a reliable reputation for difficult jobs that require a resistent tool.




When it comes to DIY and home projects, there is no tool like this. With a reduced size and weight, plus a wide guide base, it is ideal for all types of curves and straight lines with easy handling for beginners or users with not much physical strength. Unique for functioning at high powers for its size and an antivibration system plus a cutting depth up to 65mm in wood, it will allow you to perform the most daring tasks and decorations at home.

Features of this Dewalt jigsaw:

  • Power: 20 V. Lithium Ion Battery
  • Weight: 4.2 lbs.
  • Blade speed up to 3,200 SPD
  • Variable speed trigger and dial.
  • 4-Position Orbital action for optimal cutting.
  • Adjust with detents at 0°, 15°, 30° and a positive stop at 45°
  • Integrated dust blower


The favorite of DIY fanatics, it is a tool that allows you to create very versatile designs in a comfortable and easy way as well as perform straight and precise cuts in thick wood. It has 4.6 stars on Amazon and  is highly recommended for DIY and home projects, but not so much for professionals or semiprofessionals.




The best price for its value on the market. Although it is made of superficial materials of regular quality, the functionalitity and capacity of this jigsaw meets the needs of DIY and home projects, in addition to having several extra functions and features. With a decent weight and a specialized grip(handle) system, it is ideal for strong work although it requires some physical strength to handle it. It is a cheap and highly functional option that offers a huge variety of options for DIY amateurs.

Features of this Black+Decker jigsaw:

  • Power: 20V MAX Lithium.
  • Variable speed trigger.
  • Dust blower and clear line of sight.
  • Cutting angle up to 45°.
  • Motor delivering 2500 spm.
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs.
  • Tool-free blade change.


With a good 4-star rating on Amazon, this tool meets the expectations of users. The only complaint mentioned was that it was comprised of regular quality materials.

Milwaukee 6268-21 Jig Saw



One of the cheapest option among the best saws on the market, Milwaukee offers the reliability of completing the job. It is not really the most sophisticated of tools but it guarentees clean and precise cuts in an acceptable and comfortable way. If you are looking for functionality and economy, this is definitely the saw for you. Ideal for rustic or somewhat advanced DIY jobs thanks to its good grip/handle and light weight, with a very good price for its value.

Features of this Milwaukee saw:

  • Power: 6.5 amp motor
  • Up to 45-degrees in both directions cutting angle
  • Cutting depth: wood 65mm, aluminium 10mm, iron 5mm.
  • Lock button.
  • 4 position orbital cutting action
  •  Visible blade.
  • Counterweight mechanism to reduce vibration.
  • Rubber handle for better grip.


With 4 stars Amazon, it is the best and cheapest quality option on the market, so it is highly recommended for jobs at home that will not abuse the saw. 

Buy the best jigasw: what you should to keep in mind

When choosing the best jigsaw, we must think about the tool that best suits our needs instead of choosing a jigsaw just for its price or for its higher power. To buy the jigsaw that best suits your needs, you just have to take into account the following aspects:

The heavy work to be done

The power, quantity of saw blades, wireless or connected, all these elements should be chosen based on the amount of heavy work to be done, on what material and how often.


Generally, jigsaws have different power motors; the higher the jigsaw’s power, the greater the capacity to perform heavy work, while for tasks at home, a small jigsaw with medium power will be sufficent.


If we want to cut wood in an easy and practical way, then it is okay to buy a regular saw without speed adjustment. But, on the contrary, if you are looking to make cuts in certain materials with varying hardnesses, then it’s best to opt for a jigsaw with speed adjustment. Depending on the brand and model, the number of oscillations per minute for a jigsaw can vary between 0 and 3000. In this sense, low speeds are ideal for hard materials such as solid wood or other very delicate materials such as ceramic; on the other hand, medium speeds are indicated for relatively soft materials like plastic or soft metals, while high speeds are for light wood.  Some saws included come with an automatic sensor that varies speed automatically.

Oscillation and pendulum movement

Some sierras de vaivén have, in addition to the swinging movement up and down, the ability to move back and forth, as the common saw would (which is the original and manual version of the saw). However, this type of movement is not ideal for all materials, so if you want to buy the best jigsaw for your work, it is important to take the following into consideration:

No pendulum/swinging movement

If the material you will be working is plywood or some other thin element, it is better to use a tool without the pendulum movement.

Smooth movement

It is ideal for working with solid woods or hard metals.

Medium movement

If the material to be cut is not too hard or not too soft, it is ideal to use a medium swining movement.

Strong swinging movement

Quickly cuts soft materials but the accuracy of the cut is quite rustic.

Dust extraction

If we are going to perform industral work or with materials that release a large amount of dust chips, it is best to buy a jigsaw with a dust extractor to prevent the jigsaw blade from getting stuck or causing other damage due to excess waste.

Trigger/speed lock

If we do not have the physical strength necessary to keep the trigger speed pressure constant, or if we perform prolonged jobs that may cause fatigue, it is ideal to choose a jigsaw with a trigger lock. This switch allows the trigger to be locked to maintain a single speed, so it is not necessary to press manually.

Cutting angles

Some jigsaws can make cuts at angles of up to 45°, ideal for performing freehand work.

Saws with rotating blades

Certain models have the ability to rotate the cutting blades on its own axis, making these saws ideal for jobs with little space for mobility.


It is necessary to take into account that the best jigsaw is the one we can use comfortably according to our needs. Therefore, it is important to notice the type of handle, the ergonomic and the weight of the machine, the blade changing system, if it has a compartment for storing spare blades among other comforts.


Some jigsaws come with extra features such as a laser cutting guide or an included LED flashlight which are very useful for high precision cuts or jobs in places with little access to light.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantage is that, in addition to a wide variety of cuts, whether circular or straight, outlined or freehand, the jigsaws operates on different types of materials; Although it was origially created for sawing wood, today there are jigsaw blades for ferrous and soft materials, plastic, PVC, etc.

Another advantage of the jigsaw is that it precisely allows artistic freedom since it is usually a lightweight and quite managable hand tool. In addition, there are currently a wide variety of them that are ideal for manuvering with maximum freedom and you can even change blades without needing extra tools. Also, jigsaws are electric and can have a single fixed speed or a speed control included in the pressure trigger.

Some models of the saws offer not only the possibility of making cuts at a maximum of 45° angles, but they also allow conical cuts with at a maximum of 47°.  Many models even come with the possibility to select the amount of oscillations per minute, varying the cutting speed as necessary.

A possible disadvantage of the jigsaw is that it is designed to make short cuts so its performance could be reduced by making long cuts. Similarly, jigsaws alone have no utility so it is necessary to have the appropriate jigsaw blades. Each type of material that we are going to cut requires a different blade, however, some blades work for more than one material but they come at a higher price of course. 

Most popular brands

Among the most popular brands and the highest quality we find the three main protagonists:


Undoubtebly the most popular brand, pioneers in the creation of the jigsaw, offering a very high quality and the reliability of a lifetime in each of its models. With a wide range of equipment covering both professional and DIY needs, Bosch has a luxury tool and maximum quality for the occasion. The value for its price is unbeatable, with  the most expensive models ranging from 299 $ while the cheapest ones are only 60 $.


With a wide range of up to 15 different models of saws, the Makita brand has becomes one of Bosch’s most direct competitors and, although they can be somewhat expensive, the tool’s advanced technology has led users to buy this saw for its fair price/value ratio. Also, their models seek to offer maximum work comfort while also providing versatility in they materials provided, with extra elements included such as square shafts for added support and lightening. The prices of Makita’s jigsaws range between 270 $ for industrial models and around 70 $ for more basic models.


Definitely the cheapest option on the market with high reliability. An option that offers everything necessary for sporadic jobs, light work or DIY and home projects, with great acceptance according to Amazon users. Among the most expensive Black&Decker options, we can find the pendular saw with a price of 240 $while the cheapest jigsaw from this brand can be purchased for 45 $


Buying a cheap and quality jigsaw is possible depending on the type of work you are going to do, however, the most essential thing to remember is that the best sierra de vaivén is the one that adapts to your needs. Take your time to analyze all of this saw’s different features compare them to what you plan on  using to tool for. Use this Handy guide and you can buy the perfect jigsaw.