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Jigsaw blades for wood

Basically, the jigsaw was designed to cut wood so almost any blade can cut it. The difference comes specifically in the finish that will be given to the cut wood.

Prices & Models

In that sense, we must take into account that the faster the cut, the more rustic the finish. The types of blades for cuting wood vary according to their features:

Quick/fast cut

If we want to buy a cutting blade that allows us to cut in quickly and effectively, regardeless of the finish, it is ideal to use a jigsaw blade with less teeth for greater separation. Also, the ideal material is high speed steel because cuts efficiently and quickly being a cheaper blade.

Precise cuts

If you need more precise cuts but not necessarily a fine finish, a blade with dientes de grosor medio will be the perfect combination of precision and speed.

Fine cuts

To cut wood that leaves a fine and elegant finish, it is important to use hojas de caladora with a large number of teeth close together to ensure un mínimo astillado de la madera.

DEWALT Jigsaw Blades Set

DEWALT Jigsaw Blades Set

Hardwood Cuts

To cut hardwood, you need a very precise cutting blade, such as a Japanese jigsaw blade. If the end result is not of importance, saws with large, well-spaced teeth are great for cutting hardwood, as well as other, more common hard materials. A wide, thick blade will let you cut through strong, hard materials.

Curved cuts in Soft Wood

To maximally take advantage of the saw’s artistic capacity and make curved cuts, the ideal would be a saw with a lot of very small teeth, paired with a thin blade that allows you to gently handle the jig.

It’s also important to remember that the saw’s length determines how deep you can cut into the wood, so the thicker the piece, the longer your saw should be.

WORKPRO T-Shank Jig Saw Blade Set

The price of a jigsaw is highly variable, because they come with a lot of different features, from a lot of different manufacturers. The cheapest, from brands like KWB, can run as low as $0.15 USD, for a packet of two blades for a thick cut! There are also intermediate options, such as Einhell, which can cost $9-$17 USD for a blade set, or a single blade of high quality. This is the most representative option for price to quality, though there are people who consider even these too cheap!

There are also, of course, popular brands of very high-quality, such as Bosch and Makita. Their dependable blades cost between $14 to $24 USD. This is the recommended option if you’re considering buying a jigsaw for hard work!

Finally, on the other end of the spectrum, there are, of course, “luxury” jigsaw blades. These brands, while they do come with a high price tag, provide sets that will meet the needs of even an industrial-level jigsaw that makes all manner of cuts, in any material, at any depth. These sets, of course, are ones like the Bosch 10 blade set, which comes with its own carrying case, and also a price tag of $76 USD.