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DEWALT Table Saw – DWE7485

When we talk about carpentry, you should consider that this is considered one of the principal fields of DIY work. Working with wood permits you to do grand projects, whether for the house or as a professional service for a multitude of clients. Your family will be happier, being in more agreeable spaces, and you can decorate andarrange furniture in your house like a specialist. In this way, when you’re working with wood you should know certain tricks that will help you in the various jobs and simplify the process. For this, one of the best tools you can get is the circular saw.

Where to buy a DEWALT Table Saw – DWE7485?

What should you know about a circular saw?

If you consider yourself a fan of repair work, maybe you’ve imagined having all manner of tools within your grasp; and if one of your favourite materials to create things out of is wood, maybe you’ve thought to buy a circular saw. Well, the moment has arrived!

Here we show you all the aspects that you need to have in mind to choose the best saw and carry out the jobs that you’ve always wanted to do. Be aware of security measures around the work you’re going to do. Above all, you should think of developing the correct posture, since, when you’re making a cut with a circular saw, you’re surely going to be in the same position for a long time. The correct position is leaning above the saw, and remember that you have to keep the electric cord behind you; this will be the most comfortable and you’ll avoid accidents. You can let it move until your disc has an adequate velocity to begin the cut. Pay attention to the moveable metal covering, since this can open.

The main and most important thing, when you’re doing projects with wood, is the choice of which saw you use; a quality table saw not only saves you time and energy, but will improve your finished product (as long as the saw is of high quality). You can delay buying a table until you’ve chosen a saw, and then pick the adequate table for that saw. The most convenient have a support in which you can optimise the end result of the cut, and achieve exactly what you need. For this, we bring you this analysis where we describe the current offering of the best table saw for consumers, and the preferred one by experts. This is the DEWALT Table Saw model DWE7485. It’s great in carpentery for anyone interested in having the very best model in their hands, and carrying out first-class jobs. It’s a home saw that, at the same time, has professional elements, and a table of truly excellent quality. It cuts with a circular saw that uses 1400 watts of power, and a cutting system that lets you cut materials up to 75 millimetres thick. You can make straight cuts, or cut at an angle of up to 45 degrees. Anything that you want to do is possible!

This is one of the most sought-after electric tools in the market, and nowadays you have the opportunity to acquire one in the comfort of your home. It’s available in various online stores and websites. Today, the internet allows this much-preferred table saw to be yours.

Your safety is the primary concern

It’s necessary to repeat that, in spite of being a tool that you might use daily, you should never forget that saws are considered dangerous machines, and if you use them incorrectly, you can cause grave accidents or be gravely injured.

General characteristics of the DEWALT Table Saw – DWE7485

For tool-lovers and woodworking professionals, the DEWALT Table Saw – DWE7485 is a marvel. Anyone will feel satisfied with the end product, and the saw can manage all manner of cuts. One highight is that it’s incredibly easy to use, which is notable the moment you work with it, and the sliding carriage moves smoothly and allows you to work more easily. You will feel the tranquility of working with a top-notch, quality product that comes for a very good price.

  • Product identifier from the factory.
  • Dimensions of 77 x 62 x 45cm and a weight of 26kg.
  • Power: 230 volts, and the wattage is 1400W.
  • Disc – diametre of 250–254mm, and the depth of the cut is, at 45°, 63mm, and at 90°, 75mm.

The table saw of excellence

This is one of the tools that sholdn’t be missing in your carentry workshop. It’s an easy-to-use, basic tool to cut wood or matierials of any other size, thanks to its incorporated supports and a thickness of 70 millimetres. It’s not only useful for carpentry, but also is the most recommended option for those who only occasionally use such a tool for simple jobs at home, or occasionally need a versatile tool that can be easily transported and doesn’t take up too much space, for jobs or repairs on the exterior of the structure.


It has 15 amp power and a reach that can manage to cut pieces of wood, or some other material, like we’ve already mentioned, without complications. It has a 5800 rpm motor. It’s extremely practical, and will serve you to do quality jobs. Thanks to the force of its motor, this saw includes the Softstart function, which allows a soft start-up with little vibration.

Size and Weight

Ideally, you’ll acquire a product that adapts itself to your needs; because a circular saw that only lets you make a very deep cut at different angles is NOT the same thing as a saw with a shorter reach across different materials. The DEWALT Table Saw – DWE7485 is quite light compared to other saws. Its weight is 53.3 pounds. You can use it comfortably and easiy, since it only measures 26.65 x 14.08 x 27.15 inches. This saw also comes with a high-quality table, stable and with a cutting support, with which you can optimise the results to obtain just what you need at the moment (awarded by a larger space on the surface); a large table with an aluminium surface for working more comfortably; and a metal bottom frame prepared for working with large pieces.


You also have a connection for a vacuum cleaner to maintain cleanliness while you operate it, an aluminium table surface to work on safely and comfortably, a protective covering with a clamping set, a bottom plate with Phillips-head screws pre-mounted, an angle stop with its clamping set, polygonal key, splitting wedge, push bar, and a guide to make it even easier to use. The auto-adjustable parallel stop allows you to make exact longitudinal cuts.

Why we love this Dewalt Table Saw

It’s really an easy-to-use tool. It’s practical. It’s not as heavy as others. You can extend the table sideways or backwards, with an additional stop for the blade, making the cut comfortable and easy. This is a piece of equipment that offers professional results, at a good price. You can do quality work, optimising the end products in a simple and comfortable way. If your workshop or your personal toolbox lacks a circular saw, this analysis can help you make an intelligent purchase, where you’ll get a product that’s adaptable to your needs.

This type of tool is found within a large range of prices, for which it’s good for you to look well. The models with the higher price tag have a more powerful motor – and a variety of designs, up to a very professional level, can be more costly. Among the most economical, you’ll find the DEWALT Table Saw model DWE7485, which has a great cutting capacity, a highly powerful motor for the most demanding jobs, and it’s very practical and easy to change the blade. Its motor starts up progressively, so it reduces vibration.

The possibility of vacuuming the dust from this table saw allows you to keep your workspace clean. Additionally, it’s robust engineering and functional design guarantee that you’ll enjoy using tis tool for a long time, with first-class safety, as well as making perfect, quality end products in a short time and in a simple manner. Get a DEWALT Table Saw and make the best cuts.